InteLED Corp. is a technologically driven company dedicated to optical design and the development of energy efficient LED lighting solutions.

How can InteLED make a difference?

Our team at InteLED believes that efficient lighting begins with LED technology’s superior energy utilization, coupled with the use of optics to direct the light where it is needed. Applying over 50 years of design and engineering experience in non-imaging optics, along with our knowledge and practical approach utilizing current LED technologies, InteLED can make a difference.

Energy efficiency is the key to reduced global warming and one step closer to solve our current energy crisis. Efficient LED lighting systems are a big part of that revolution. Light pollution can be eliminated. The exponential acceleration of carbon emissions into the atmosphere due to energy consumption can be substantially reduced. For over one hundred years we have been utilizing inefficient light sources to illuminate the world around us. Now, with the aid of innovative technology utilizing enhanced optical systems properly integrated into LED lighting products, InteLED can help increase efficiency on current LED light sources and systems. We can be part of the solution.