InteLED Corp. was created by its four principals, who are passionate about the integration, design and marketing of high-efficiency LED lighting products. All together with over 50 years of experience, the InteLED team possesses the know-how in LED lighting product development with an expertise in optical enhancement through its proprietary optical software programs for the design of non-imaging optics for LED light sources. Through our technology development team, InteLED continues to invent and design novel non-imaging optics which have generated numerous patents. Many are available for licensing and ready to be integrated into LED lighting products that provide high efficiency and superb uniformity. InteLED is ready to guide any LED lighting development program from design to prototype, to production.

Management Team


Chief Innovation Officer and Chairman: David G. Pelka, Ph.D

Dr. Pelka was awarded his Ph.D. Physics, University of California at Riverside after his, BS in Physics, California State University at Los Angeles. Dr. Pelka has over 20 years of management and entrepreneurial experience in founding, growing and selling optoelectronic related companies. In 1986, Dr. Pelka was a founder of Physical Optics Corporation (POC) in Torrance, CA. where he served as VP of Business Development from 1986-1992, and was instrumental in growing the company from $500K in sales in 1986 to approximately $10M in sales in 1992. In 1992, Dr. Pelka was the co- founder with William (Bill) Parkyn of TIR Technologies, Inc., where he was Chairman and CEO. Dr. Pelka raised over $2.5M of seed-stage angel capital to grow this LED based optics company to approximately $3M in sales, when it was sold to Teledyne Industries in 1997. He served as Director of New Product Development for Teledyne Lighting & Display Products (TLDP), from 1997-2002, and during that period he filed over 30 patents, assigned to TLDP, for LED optical technology. Since 2000 this IP has brought in over $7M in licensing revenue to Teledyne. Dr. Pelka left TLDP in 2002, after serving out his 5-year employment contract. He then founded Pelka & Associates, Inc. in 2002, where he served as Chairman and President through January 2007, at which time he agreed with OptiLED Inc. to form InteLED Corp. where he presently serves as Chairman and CEO.

CEO: Caterina Hall

Caterina Hall is the CEO and Co-Founder. Ms. Hall has a wide range of skills and experience in the development and execution of management programs for technologically innovative products. First establishing a strong understanding of consumer relations at Sharper Image, a high end, specialty electronics retailer, Ms. Hall furthered her value by developing fast-track systems to integrate customer feedback with product development. Having been recruited in 1998 for Teledyne Lighting and Display’s Marketing Coordinator, Ms. Hall was responsible for bringing Non-Imaging Optic Technology and optically enhanced LED lighting products to the market. She devised a comprehensive marketing program, including advertising, product information systems, promotional activities, trade shows and market research.

In 2000, Ms. Hall co-founded OptiLED, Inc. with Mr. Nylander, forming a start up company to further the advancement of optimized LED-based lamps into specialized markets, from transportation to architectural lighting. Through market-oriented management combined with a keen understanding of international business, as Executive Vice President, Ms. Hall helped OptiLED grow into a respected LED product company with facilities in North America, Asia and Europe. Ms. Hall implemented an intense marketing program, including high-profile trade event appearances, print, collateral and international web presence with worldwide direct sales capability. Ms. Hall simultaneously launched an aggressive PR effort including technical and educational presentations at technical, trade and financial conferences, along with appearances and case studies in many high end architectural and lighting magazines and related lighting reference websites. In a mere two years, Ms. Hall created brand recognition for OptiLED and helped elevate the company’s profile into the top five contenders in the LED lighting industry. Ms Hall was also instrumental in the investment for an international non-imaging optics group and co-founded the company’s precision optics manufacturing facility in Hong Kong. The optics facility was so advanced it required an approval from the United States Department of State to operate with specialized equipment similar to that used in the defense industry.

In 2004, the original corporation, OptiLED, Inc., changed its name to Light Integration Technologies (LIT) after completing the sale of the OptiLED name and business to an international partner. In 2007, OptiLED, Inc., dba LIT, joined with Pelka and Associates in the formation of InteLED. Ms. Hall was educated at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, including programs in International Marketing, Product and Brand Marketing, and Multimedia Design and Presentation. Additionally, Ms. Hall supplemented her skills through Industrial Design programs at Pasadena Art Center and California State University, Long Beach.

Chief Scientist: Roland Winston Ph.D.

Roland Winston Ph.D. is the founder of Winston Light and Power Technologies LLC and serves as its Chairman and Chief Scientst. Winston’s in considered the father of non-imaging optics and has spurred the field throughout the world. He is currently the Founding professor of Physics and Engineering at the University of California at Merced. Previously he was Chairman of the Department of Physics at the University of Chicago. His life work is centered around optics. In 1965, he designed while working on the design of Cerenkov radiation detectors foe a high-energy physics experiment he discovered the Compound parabolic Concentrator (CPC) the first non-imaging concentrator. In 1973, he applied his non-imaging optics (NIO) to the design of solar collectors. Winston has authored over 170 publications and coauthored the definitive books on NIO. He holds 40 US letter Patents on non-imaging radiant energy concentration and illumination. He has won worldwide recognition for his work, including the Franklin Institute C. Raymound Kraus Gold Medal, the Charles Greeley Abbott award of the American Solar Energy Society, and the Farrington Daniels award of the International Solar Energy Society. He completed his entire education BS, MA and Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Chicago, where he was also a Shell Fellow, an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow and a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow.

Legal Advisor: Bruce Corbett

Bruce Corbett co founded the law firm Corbett Steelman & Specter in 1979. Prior to that he was a partner in the largest law firm in Orange County and had previously been associated with a large downtown LA law firm. Mr. Corbett has had the highest rating given to a lawyer by the national attorney rating service for essentially the entire existence of his law firm. He was admitted to practice law in California in 1970 after graduating from Cornell Law School in 1969 with a JD degree and the University of Pennsylvania in 1966 with a BA in Economics. Mr. Corbett’s has experience in many areas of law, including business litigation, general business, corporate law and intellectual property. He has spent many years knowing and working with various of the principals of InteLED and has worked with them in some of their prior endeavors.